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View More: http://poppyandposeyphotography.pass.us/aidenbdayWelcome to Mommies 247, a social networking organization for moms in Hoboken, N.J. We are excited for you to join our community and to have the opportunity to socialize, interact, and share laughs and stories with other local mothers.

Upon joining, you’ll be able to to create your own profile, engage in conversations through our forum, participate in online chat groups, and attend events to make new friends and gather new information. We hope that our forum will become a valuable tool used by mommies everywhere, not just locally. As we expand our mom community, our members will receive advice and feedback from an even larger population of women.

Hoboken Mommies has been designed for the messy, fabulous mommy. Our goal is to provide a website that offers you a one-stop destination for all your “Mommie” needs. We promise to present up-to-date news, recent recalls, and the newest products on the market. Our vision encompasses a directory and a classifieds section to make your life and the lives of those around you easier.

Our website will constantly be evolving as we strive to make it the most useful “Mommie” website available. We have an open door policy that welcomes your ideas, comments, and feedback. If you’d like to suggest useful information for your fellow members, please  email us at info@mommies247.com. This is YOUR website as much as ours.

Take the time to explore our site and become a member. We look forward to meeting you online and at the events!

Yours truly,

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