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View More: always knew that I wanted to be a mom.  What I didn’t know is that my road to motherhood would be a bumpy ride.  In January of 2010 my husband and I found out that we were pregnant for the first time. Overjoyed and overwhelmed, we knew that our tiny apartment in Brooklyn would no longer cut it.

We moved to Hoboken in July of that same year.  Only a few days before relocating, however, I was admitted to the hospital after going into unexpected preterm labor.  At 22 weeks my water broke unexpectedly in the middle of the night.  After being rushed to the hospital the doctors were able to stabilize me and our daughter Stella for about 6 days.  At that time with no amniotic fluid left, they decided to do an emergency C-section in the hope that she would survive on the outside.  Stella lived for 23 hours before she passed away.

As I am sure you can imagine we experienced a million different emotions ranging from anger, to shock, to extreme sadness. Suddenly I began to realize that moving to Hoboken with all of the baby strollers and blissfully pregnant women may not have been the best idea at the time.  Nevertheless, we stayed and slowly began to pick up the pieces.  The doctors told us that it could take up to a year to get pregnant again because my body had been through so much trauma.  So we settled into our new apartment and while trying not to fall apart, we also began trying to get pregnant again.  Little did we know that we wouldn’t have to try all that hard.

In September my husband and I were in Florida for a wedding when I started to feel a little “off”.  After a few negative pregnancy tests I figured I was just coming down with the flu.  When I got home and told a close friend how I was feeling she convinced me to take another test.  I chugged a glass of water and hoped for the best.  Not even 2 seconds later the test read PREGNANT!  We were over the moon… scared to death, but over the moon.  We knew this pregnancy would be high risk so we strapped in for a long ride. Part 2 is a LONG story but here are the cliff notes…. In my first few sonograms the doctors realized that I had virtually no cervix so I was put on complete bed rest for almost 6 months.  I had progesterone shots every week and was admitted into the hospital more times than I can count but it was all worth it and yes, I would do it all over again.

In June of 2011, only a year after the death of our daughter, we welcomed our son Aiden into the world and he has been the most wonderful gift.  Hoboken ended up being exactly where we were meant to be.  Having a new baby in this amazing little city has been such a blessing.  I met a fabulous group of moms and we have been out and about for the last 7 months exploring our town with our new little bundles of joy.  Hoboken Mommies was born from the experiences that we have all had during the last 7 months… both individually and collectively.  Ordinary women trying to make new friends, be the greatest mommies we can, and the best at well, everything!  My hope is that Hoboken Mommies can help create a little piece of the amazing life we all have here…wherever you are.  So chat, share, and enjoy.  This was created for you!


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