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Give Peas A Chance Cooking School

Organic baby food cooking classes for moms of babies 4 months to 1 year. Our adults-only classes let you enjoy a night out with friends and meet other moms—all while cooking up delicious meals to take home to your little one. We provide the equipment, food containers, and (best of all) the clean up! All you need to bring is yourself and some wine to sip as you stir, steam, and puree—because sometimes mommy needs a bottle too!

To view our class schedule and descriptions, go to or email Nicole at


Well Rested Baby – Pediatric Sleep Consultants

wrb-logoFINWell Rested Baby was founded in 2011 by Family Sleep Institute certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultants Amy Lage and Heather Hartzell.  Our mission is simple: to help your entire family achieve the sleep needed to be happy, healthy and well rested!

Whether you are looking for a quick answer to a nagging question about your child’s sleep or you are in need of a complete overhaul of your child’s sleep plan, Well Rested Baby can help you achieve the good night’s sleep that is every parent’s dream!  Well Rested Baby does not advocate any one particular sleep training method.  Instead, we take a family centered approach to the process of improving your child’s sleep, listening to your concerns as parents and discussing with you the best plan to get your child’s sleep back on track or off to a good start.  We truly believe that every child can be a good sleeper — it takes time, patience and some effort but Well Rested Baby is here to educate you and support you through the process.

Well Rested Baby will help you:
-Teach your child the process of self-soothing which is often the key to a good night’s sleep.
-Address and correct any pre-existing bad sleep habits.
-Create and implement an age-appropriate nap and nighttime sleep schedule for your child.
-Ensure that your child’s nursery or other sleep environment is conducive to healthy and lengthy sleep.
-Learn your child’s sleepy cues and create or tweak your soothing routine.
-Understand the importance of sleep to your child’s mental, physical and emotional growth and well-being.
-Plan ahead for sleep milestones and transitions, such as moving to a “big kid’s” bed or ending naps.

Contact info:

Amy Lage




Millenium Medical Billing

MMB is a private medical billing company that offers highly specialized services for any practice within the medical & dental professions. MMB utilizes state of the art technology to create the most efficient claims process available. In addition to reducing payment time, our aggressive follow up system allows your practice to maximize claims paid which increases your profitability while allowing you to view your account right from your computer. MMB is your one stop resource for everything billing. In addition to billing services, MMB can help you get credentialed with the insurers of your choice, increasing potential patients your practice can servce.

We also offer a Medical Billing & Coding course. Looking to start a new career or re-enter the work force? Learn the skills needed to build a career! Hands on Training!! Course Includes: HIPAA Compliancy, Medical Terminology, CPT, ICD 9 & 10 and HCPCS Coding, Electronic Claim Filing & a Computer Lab Module. It is a 12 week program, day or evening classes offered.

1146 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310
(718) 356-1337


Christopher Street Cookies

Christopher Street Cookies is a Hoboken based business run by Diana Whittles. Diana is a stay at home mom and makes unfussy, uncomplicated yummy cookies.



Hanabee Creative

We are a full service small business branding and marketing company working out of Hoboken, New Jersey serving clients all over the country. As a team, we look at your business from every marketing angle so you get the strength of our collective expertise. Perfect for startup companies and small businesses ready to grow, and for small businesses looking for long-term marketing support. To learn more about Hanabee Creative, visit



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