Mommie of the Month

Meet Ali- Our December Mommie of the Month!

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2012
Written by Sarah Himmelbaum

My name is Ali and I’m the proud mother of Siena, born Sept 16, 2011.  Given that Siena was impatiently ready to meet her loving parents and the outside world that day, my labor was ”precipitous” to say the least.  Because of her quick entrance into the world, she spent several days in the NICU at Saint Barnabas Hospital.  This was difficult for my husband and I because we were so anxious to bring her home.  However, once Siena arrived home with us we settled into a routine with her cherishing every moment.

I have always enjoyed being around small children.  I spent ten years in the NJ public school system with a focus on special education.  Because I so loved my job, I wasn’t sure how I would transition to full time motherhood.  Fortunately, an opportunity arose which allowed me to utilize my teaching skills and still spend plenty of time with Siena.

Being a college athlete and avid exercise fan, I had worked out while I was pregnant with Siena and continued to try to fit in workouts after she was born. I enjoy all different types of exercise; yoga, running, pilates, lifting weights, etc. and had been a group fitness instructor at Golds gym before we moved to Hoboken.  However, I found a new fitness obsession while pregnant with Siena…barre classes!  It was the perfect blend of toning for your legs and arms and core work….I was hooked!  After Siena was born I got certified as a “Barretender” and joined the Local Barre Staff here in Hoboken.  It was a perfect opportunity for me to get out a few hours a week and do the two things I love…teach and exercise.  I enjoy being able to motivate women and help them feel good about themselves at all stages in their lives.

What's your favorite part about being a Hoboken Mommie?

I love being able to spend time with my daughter Siena. We have so much fun going to our favorite coffee shops, kid classes, and getting together with other moms and little ones.

What is your favorite Mommie Moment?

My favorite Mommie Moment was when we were able to bring Siena home with us from the hospital. We couldn't wait to show her around!

Tell us about your funniest moment as a new Mommie?

I love how Siena is trying to talk now. Its so funny when she repeats the sounds we make.

How was the transition back to work?

I love being able to teach barre and motivate women. Its not as easy getting out the door now but once Im there I love it!

Best piece of advice for new Mommies?

Try to make time for yourself at least once a week!

What is your favorite Mommie and baby activity?

Siena and I love to read together.

Mommies have a special job and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work. Each month, Hoboken Mommies will identify a mom that stands out for going above and beyond for all those that surround her. Our Mommie of the Month will be selected via both our forum and through member submissions. We are looking for women who often offer advice and lend a friendly ear to our other members. If you would like to submit a description of an exemplary mom, please email us at with your submission and contact information.

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