Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013
Written by Sarah Himmelbaum

Name of Product:  Motor Scooters with Hello Kitty graphics

Hazard:  The scooters can accelerate suddenly while in use, causing the rider to lose control and fall.

Recall Details:


About 5,200


This recall involves electric, battery-operated City Scooters that are pink and black with Hello Kitty graphics on the front panel, footboard and rear fenders. The scooters were manufactured between September 10, 2012 and December 3, 2012. Model number “8801-03″ and the date of manufacture, formatted as “YYYY/MM/DD,” are printed on a data label on the underside of the scooter’s center platform. Serial numbers for the recalled scooters have the letters “QYCEI” followed by a six-digit number in the following range: 000001 through 014456. The serial number can be found etched on the underside of the scooter’s center platform near the data label.


The firm has received nine reports of incidents of City Scooters accelerating unintentionally, including three with minor injuries that include a bloody nose and bruises.


Consumers should immediately stop using the City Scooter, disconnect the battery and return it to the nearest Toys R Us store to receive a full refund or store credit.

Sold exclusively at

Toys R Us stores and Toysrus.com nationwide from October 2012 to January 2013 for about $279.


Dynacraft BSC Inc., of American Canyon, Calif.


Zhejiang Qunying Vehicle Co. Ltd., of China

Manufactured in



Our main goal as Mommies is to keep our children safe. With so many toys and children’s products on the market, it can seem like a new recall pops up every day. We know from personal experience that keeping track of all the recalls isn't easy and we want to help our Mommies stay up to date without having to take time away from their little ones! We will do our best to keep this section as current as possible. As is true with everything in baby-land, this shouldn’t be your only resource, but we will strive to continuously provide you with the basic details and a link to obtain all necessary information. A list of the most recent child safety recalls obtained from BabyCenter.com

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